About Us grew out of another business dependent on people writing personal notes. While to this day, I am a die-hard believer that nothing is more memorable or impactful as a personal note, I was challenged to successfully sway plumbers, medical professionals or even real estate agents to adopt this practice even after guaranteeing it would secure any relationship and generate countless new Clients.

Thankfully, was born as a larger, more scalable, and applicable platform to deliver a similar result.

Help community businesses increase their profitability within the communities they serve.

If you’ve never heard of until now, no need to feel like you’ve been living under a rock.
The site just launched in January 2007.
Our foremost purpose of being the NorthShore’s primary online, targeted lead generating resource.

We are well on our way!


What Else About Us? is committed to focusing on growing local businesses – but all work and no fun makes any website one big snore.

The reason why our visitors love to coming back to the site is because of the INSIDER content. Yup, we tell it like it is.
We do the leg work so you don’t have to.
We find the deals, share the scoop, and bring you actionable and compelling articles from community authorities like you’ve never seen before.

Check it out the site and email me at, or call me at (847) 396-0066 so I can hear more about your thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes, what you want more of and what’s missing.

Thanks for coming to
Loren Greiff