Chicago Metra

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The Metra train system, better known to Chicagoans as the Chicago Metra, is an advanced railway system to ensure safe, effective, high quality commuting throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The expansive railway system of almost 500 miles offers service in Cook County, DuPage, Kane, Lake, Will and McHenry County.

Because riders are able to reach various destinations including Chicago's North Shore (Deerfield, Evanston, Wilmette, etc.), parks, the lakefront, shopping, restaurants, and other entertainment resources, the Metra has become one of the largest and most popular ways to commute in the Chicago area. Worth mentioning is that the metra rail offers a wide array of discounts for children, weekend travel and groups. Many commuters save by traveling from one of metra Chicago's 230 stations in groups of 10 or larger, as there is a special discount ticket for 10 riders or more. Cyclists enjoy the metra as they allow bike riders the unique luxury of accommodating their bikes during their ride.

Though there are many stations and several locations where the metra rail stops, ease of use is a strong point, as the metra train schedule and maps provide details for commuters to find their way around town.

Metra Rail Map

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Each color represents a commuter rail in and out of Chicago.

The Dark Green, Dark Orange and Purple lines run through Cook County out into Lake County Illinois locations. The Yellow Line goes directly into McHenry County. Commuters will find that 3 Lines (Light Orange, Pink, and Green) run into Kane County while all others go from Chicago to Will County.

The Metra also runs on a timely schedule to offer convenient times for all those who need its services.

Metra Train Schedules:

Metra Union Pacific North Line
Chicago to Kenosha Suburban Service
Metra North Central Service
Chicago to Antioch Suburban Service
Metra Milwaukee District North Line
Chicago to Fox Lake Suburban Service
Metra Union Pacific Northwest Line
Chicago to Harvard/McHenry Suburban Service
Metra Milwaukee District West Line
Chicago to Elgin Suburban Service
Metra Union Pacific West Line
Chicago to Elburn Suburban Service
Metra Burlington Northern Santa Fe Line
Chicago to Aurora Suburban Service
Metra Heritage Corridor Line
Chicago to Joliet via The Heritage Corridor
Metra SouthWest Service
Chicago to Manhattan Suburban Service
Metra Rock Island District Line
Chicago to Joliet via The Rock Island District
Metra Electric Line
Chicago to University Park Suburban Service

Also available via the above links (provided by are the schedules for each of the rail lines and descriptions of where each line travels in the given locale.

Metra offers excellent rates for riders providing single ride, 10 ride passes, and monthly passes; these range from single ride prices of $0.95 all the way to monthly passes of $136.90. Each destination has preset rates however, what many riders do not take advantage of is Metra's great weekend ride special. This is a pass for those looking to enjoy a weekend sight-seeing, traversing downtown or any of the North Shore locations. $5 for Saturday and/or Sunday travel is unlimited and a value to say the least, as traffic can get hectic in many locations throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburban areas. These fares however are not for the South Shore lines, but are very beneficial to families on the weekend, as Metra's family fare allows for up to 3 children per fare paying adult and includes this special weekend fare.

Overall the Metra rail serves as a safe, economic, and fast way to travel all around Chicago and the North Shore and all they have to offer!