Lessons to Live By

Lessons To Live By…
May This Never Happen To You

Last week was the week from hell.
And I share this with you because I wish that NONE of this ever happens to you.

Picture this:
On the phone with a business associate getting ready for the day. Checking email, looking at my calendar, drinking coffee – you know the drill.

It would be best to summarize this story with a bumper sticker declaring that:
Multi-tasking comes at a big price.

Here it is.
Coffee spills.
Laptop dead on impact.
At first I was in denial.
And, I refusing to accept that a little unsugared coffee could murder my precious cyber baby. I grabbed the hairdryer and started air-drying any and every visible hole, nook and cranny. But no power.
The only good news… I knew I had all the data.

I made a plan. Dealing with the reality that my entire life, my business, connections to the outside world etc relies on the computer, the question is…

What do you do?
Who do you call?
How do you get back in the game and wade through the administrative nightmare of setting up your new computer so you (and maybe even your business) can successfully recover.
How do YOU recover?

1. Step One – Are You Covered?

In the mourning process I was determined to seek some restitution – and called my insurance agent to see if the computer was covered under my homeowners. Nope. No luck. Computers are not lumped in with electronic appliances AND need to be scheduled separately.

You can however write off the loss, which is something I will have to do.

2. Step Two – Recovering – Data Recovering

Don’t wait to do something stupid before keeping the number below on hand. You never know.

Tammy Papazian of
Computer System Specialists (In Northbrook)
(847) 564-3322

Tammy told it to me straight. My $2400 Sony Vaio had turned to toast.

Repairing it would be unlikely and stability would always be an issue.

Tammy and her team specialize in data recovery, troubleshooting, data backup solutions and a host of other services to take the headache out of computer nightmares.

3. Step Three – Replace Your Best Friend with Your New Best Friend.

Depending on your level of urgency getting a new computer can be quick and dirty or a more considered process.

I didn’t have much choice. Meet my new best friend.

In this day and age it’s virtually impossible to resist a mac. And, I swear, the satisfaction of this little Mac Book has started to take the sting out of the wound.
Anxious to get back up and running I made a b-line to the Northbrook store.
In 15 minutes – the laptop, $99 (refundable) printer, and protection program were mine.
Now what…

4. Step Four -- Life after Death

Now the fun begins.
With your new baby home its time to get to know each other. In fact customizing a new computer is kind of like moving into a new space.
Everything feels so clean and uncluttered.
The discovery process is addicting and all you want to do is hang at home and check out all the options.
If you’re one of the last people on earth and especially on the North Shore to migrate from PC to MAC have no fear.

Your best bet is to head to your nearest MAC store either in Northbrook Court or Old Orchard.
They can so hook you up.

Ask for Jon Poindexter or Adrian and tell them Loren at sent you and they will treat you right!

Getting started. Getting comfortable and getting smart. There’s nothing like it.

Take a free class or if you like special attention – buy the $99 one-to-one package and meet with a “Genius” to help you solve all your problems (on the computer).

If your machine is not feeling well you can set up and appointment and an Apple Genius will give you 15 minutes to diagnosis the problem and execute a solution.

5. Step Five -- Back

I am still getting things organized and back on track. Its almost a week.
Not sure what was worse the loss of the computer or the process of setting up a new one – even with the SWAT team.

It’s humbling.
When these things happen I typically want every thing to be all better fast.
But I learned something.

It was the multi-tasking that started this whole thing and instead of beating myself up I have been doing things a bit slower.

And, to add some ambiance to my slower pace and band-aid my bruises I did the unthinkable and bought an iPod.

MAC Stores

In Northbrook
1310 Northbrook Court
Northbrook, IL 60062
(847) 205-2020

In Old Orchard
4999 Old Orchard Center
Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 679-1801

Loren Greiff