Maggie Moos Ice Cream

Mooooove over Ben & Jerry, Dairy Queen and Stone Cold
Maggie Moos lce Cream Will Make YOU Melt

I am a firm believer and follower of life’s simple pleasures. A walk after dinner, a heart felt hug and the almighty ice cream cone. In today’s time starved culture, ice cream may be one of the few opportunities left to slow down and truly savor the moment.

Here are the ground rules on ice cream:

1. There are no bad flavors – all ice cream flavors are created equal and anything said about a flavor you may not appreciate can and will be used against you.

2. There is never a bad time to eat ice cream. Derived from milk, cream and in many cases fruit – it can easily become the star or solo performer to any meal occasion, late nite snack. It can do wonders for bad day depression or serve as the high of an already wonderful afternoon.

3. If you are hell-bent on sacrificing pleasure, the cousins to ice cream – namely yogurt, popsicles, or frozen dairy treat can have similar but not exactly the same results.

A few years back my kids and I discovered Maggie Moos in Lincolnshire. Since then it has been deemed the best ice cream ever and in a few shameful moments – the ethical bribe and offering made to take care of household chores.

Last weekend in the 90’s my son Sam (10) and I stopped in. Thanks to kid friendly team, Sam was invited behind the scenes to make Maggie Moos famous fudge ice cream and learn how to mix-in the mix-ins.

While the experience may be simple – Maggie Moos specializes in bursting flavors like Cotton Candy (in true blue), Better Batter, Banana Pudding, Cinamoo, Twizzlers, and get this… Red Bull Sorbet to name a few. Custom birthday cakes and hand packed pints & quarts available. Also Maggie Moos does birthday parties, catering and events.

Maggie Moos
275 Parkway Drive
Lincolnshire, IL