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The Lesser of All Evils & Near Deadly Drinks
An Insider Peak At Your Daily Fix

I have tried to give up coffee a couple of times.
First it was because I understood that tea was better for you.
The second was because I read that coffee is bad for your skin.
The third time was because I came to the realization that I was an addict – drinking a pot by myself almost every morning.
If that wasn’t bad enough, the amount of artificial hazelnut Coffee Mate and Splenda I added in was another hard to even publicize, shameful habit that I knew I had to break, but admittedly still haven’t.
It tastes good and its one of life’s few legal and permissible social and solo pleasures that in the scheme of life isn’t soooo bad. Right?

You decide. Here’s what I found out*:

Enjoy Your Coffee And Drink It Too

A Starbuck’s Venti (because why go for a grande or even tall) Skim Latte -- my out of house coffee choice is:

I explored what would happen if I experimented with VSL’s close cousin, Venti Soy Latte, and learned that this was just a little more of the same:

Even my summer favorite the Light Venti Frappuccino was a no-brainer dessert or heat surviving treat. Here are the vitals:

When Your Daily Dose Takes a Serious Dive

I confess, I’ve never ordered this – A Venti White Chocolate Mocha...wonder why?

And how about this seasonal favorite -- the Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte with Whole Milk?

And finally if you want to go for the ultimate in not even close to coffee concoctions there’s always the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. A Venti could just about kill you.

With these profiles who needs to worry about the caffeine! Long gone are the days when you could stand at the counter and order "a regular."

The Good Fairy

* According to Nutritionals