Swan Dive Pilates Studio

Want To Get Long and Lean?
Make Like A Swan, and Dive into Pilates

Summer may be going by way quickly but its never too late to look fabulous in your tiny bikini! If flat abs, a firm caboose and less rather than more jiggle is your vision I have two words for you- Swan Dive.

Swan Dive Pilates studio is the hottest pilates spot on the North Shore. Located at the Poliquin Performance Center in Northfield, this studio is where you go to get your body looking rock-star fabulouso!

Swan Dive takes a refreshing and customized approach to Pilates. The professional staff at Swan Dive follows the Joseph Pilates Method which focuses on Pilates as not just an exercise, but a way of life. Swan Dive was created for the discovery and development of health and fitness. Swan Dive also prides itself on being more than a studio -- designed to transform your mind, body, and spirit. If you are looking for an escape from your everyday routine, and a new way to approach working out, Swan Dive is the place for you!

Wendy Helton and Susie Pines are the creators of Swan Dive. Both women have been avid Pilates’ students and teachers for years. Wendy Helton, started over 15 years ago and became certified at Core Dynamics. In addition to other studios in the Chicago area, Wendy worked at Body Evolve in Highland Park and the Deerfield Multiplex where she opened and directed Rhythmiks Pilates Studio. Susie Pines first opened at studio in her home which flourished into a full practice. She combines her work as a massage therapist and a personal trainer in Pilates. Together Wendy and Susie created Swan Dive in September 2006, and have been extremely successful.

The trainers are all super friendly, in great shape, and excited to work with their clients. Swan Dive offers its clients top Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, and much more.

Pilates is a non-impact yet high results kind of workout that you can start now and do for the rest of your life – with virtually no injuries.

Improvements happen slowly, but forever.

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Swan Dive
Phone: (847) 562-0100
3368 Commercial Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062

Lindsay Boettcher