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Berger | Schatz
Phone: 847-405-9500
Fax: 847-405-9563
333 Waukegan Road - Suite 260
Bannockburn, IL   60015

161 N. Clark Street - Suite 2800
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Phone: 312-782-3456

Jason G. Adess
Michael J. Berger
Mary J. Clark
Andrew D. Eichner
Leon I. Finkel
P. Andre Katz
David H. Levy
Michael S. Sabath
Barry A. Schatz
Daniel R. Stefani

Website: http://www.bergerschatz.com

Alexander Rosemary R
2345 Waukegan Rd
Bannockburn, IL   60015-1515

Find the Legal Representation You Need in Bannockburn, Illinois

Are you looking for legal representation in the village of Bannockburn, Illinois? If you are, you are in luck, for there is a healthy selection of lawyers in Bannockburn, Illinois. There are all types of lawyers in Bannockburn, Illinois, from private family law to criminal law. You will surely be able to find the legal representation you need from the population of lawyers in Bannockburn, Illinois.

Bannockburn, Illinois - An Intriguing, Affluent Village Just Outside Chicago

Part of the reason that there the selection of lawyers in Bannockburn, Illinois is so great has to do with the proximity of Bannockburn, Illinois to the city of Chicago. Bannockburn, Illinois is located just 25 miles northwest of Chicago. Bannockburn has been described as a lovely, affluent village community that is filled with beautiful homes, a thriving business community, and large estates. It has been said that Bannockburn, Illinois is a wonderful place to start a business and to raise a family.

A Short Overview of Bannockburn, Illinois

The village of Bannockburn, Illinois was founded in 1924 by one William Aitken. Aitken sought to model the village of Bannockburn, Illinois after his homeland of Scotland. He intended to keep the beautiful wooded backdrop that surrounds the city intact, and his vision continues to this day. There are two lovely forest preserves whose priority is to keep the natural scenic beauty of the Bannockburn area intact. The two forest preserves are known as the Prairie Wolf Slough Forest Preserve and the Des Plains River Corridor.

History Still Shines in Bannockburn, Illinois

The past is still alive in Bannockburn, Illinois. The village charter that the town fathers enacted called for all home lots to be at minimum one acre in size. In the subsequent charters, that acre lot minimum was expanded to two acres. This requirement has helped control the growth and sprawl of the area, allowing families to live in harmony with the charming scenic beauty of the natural landscape. Currently, the population of Bannockburn, Illinois is estimated to be less than 2,000.

Business Prospers in Bannockburn, Illinois

Although the area o f Bannockburn, Illinois was originally designed just as a residential area, business soon prospered within the village. The village charter eventually allowed the construction of a handful of corporate parks on the north side of the town. In the mid 1980s, a commercial district was finally zoned within the village.

Legal Assistance Blooms in Bannockburn

With the burgeoning commercial district, legal firms began to gain prominence in Bannockburn, as well. Lawyers in Bannockburn, Illinois represent an important niche in the community. Lawyers in Bannockburn, Illinois have achieved prominence as some of the best in the area. Consult the village hall for more information about legal assistance in the Bannockburn, Illinois area.