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Coming Clean About The Lilacs

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 by loren

It’s hard to believe they call this Spring. April was a joke and May so far has
been nothing short of a mixed bag of frigidity a la splash of sun every day or four.
And I am obsessed thinking about when the lilacs are coming.
If Spring actually delivers, the blessed lilacs should be out in the
next few weeks and then, all will be right with the world.

I know I am obsessed. Obsessed with
lilacs- their sweet smell, delicious and delicate structure and magnificent colors.
And… thankfully, I have, this season, turned a new blossom.

I vow: no more city lilac clippings.
It’s true. In years past as a resident of Highland Park
I scoped out lilac dense locations and took a few snippings.
Sadly, I had a whole process.
Late at night, past ten I would grab my garden clippers and a spare Target bag.
Off I’d go, primarily behind Sunset Foods.
I’d park, turn the lights off and start cutting at a vigorous clip
I wouldn’t get caught of course… but also because I
couldn’t wait to have the car filled with lilac fragrance.

Those were the days.
That are now over.
I just don’t feel right about it no matter how much
passion I have for these delicacies.
So as I count days for lilacs to come I am looking for new more ethical
ways to feed my fever.

Will keep you posted.

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