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Bhatia Mobil Service
650 Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015-4332
Deerfield Auto & Tire Clinic
663 Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015-4331
Deerfield Garage
444 Lake Cook Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015
Deerfield Marathon
700 Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015-4340
Deerfield Shell Inc
655 Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015
Deerfield Tire Co
120 N Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015
Firestone of Deerbrook
120 Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015-4904
Golz Motors
450 Lake Cook Rd Unit 2
Deerfield, IL   60015
Goodyear Tires
663 Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015-4331
Just Tires
25 Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015
NTB-National Tire & Battery
184 S Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL   60015
Riverwoods Auto Service
2201 Deerfield Rd
Riverwoods, IL   60015

Do-it-yourself Auto Repair Has Come A Long Way

The thought of doing your own car repairs has come a long way since automobiles became popular 100 year ago and with today's technology many will not even attempt do-it-yourself auto repair, instead opting to take their car to a local Deerfield auto repair shop.

Citing the many different parts of a vehicle that are inter-related that can go wrong, many would prefer to defer their car repairs to people who know what they are doing and can fix it right the first time.

Prior to vehicles being controlled by computer, there were many opportunities for do-it-yourself auto repair and backyard mechanics could be seen in almost every yard. Today, some mechanical repairs are attempted such as brake pads or radiator repairs, but repairs involving electrical parts or those pertaining to the emission control of the vehicle are seemingly more often left to the professionals.

Something as simple as a loose gas cap can turn on a light to indicate there is a problem, but unless you have access to a computer reader, the light being on only tells you something is wrong. Many already know that the Deerfield DMV will only check your emissions (a required process) if the 'check engine' light is not lit.

You can take your vehicle, if it is still operational, to one of several auto parts stores in the Deerfield area that will connect their devices to your car's computer, tell you what the computer says needs to be replaced and sell you the part.

At that point you can take it home, install the new part and hope the light stays off once the computer is reset. Sometimes, the computer will indicate a bad part, when there may be more than one that needs changed.

Many of those involved in do-it-yourself auto repair are discouraged once they replace one bad part only to learn a second one will also need replaced. Although it can be disheartening, trial and error auto repair has not changed much over the years. Except now a computer reading can tell you which part to start with.

It is not only vehicle computers taking a toll on do-it-yourself auto repair as the cars built today leave little room in which to work. Forty or 50 years ago a person could almost sit inside the engine compartment and fit their hand or a wrench into virtually every part of a vehicle. Today, it is almost impossible to find the correct bolt to loosen not to mention being able to fit a wrench on it without loosening the engine from its mounts.

Many backyard mechanics in Deerfield are finding that do-it-yourself auto repair on today's vehicles has to be a selective process. Even with the use of repair manuals, not all directions are clear so they are fixing what they can and taking their car to a qualified mechanic for repairs they cannot complete.