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4-C Day Care
1416 Lake St
Evanston, IL   60201-4060
Central Evanston Child Care
2014 Dempster St
Evanston, IL   60202-1017
Chiaravalle Montessori School
425 Dempster St
Evanston, IL   60201
Child Care Center Of Evanston
1840 Asbury Av
Evanston, IL   60201
Child Care Network Of Evanston
1416 Lake St
Evanston, IL   60201
Evanston Day Nursery
1835 Grant St
Evanston, IL   60201-2534
Evanston Hospital Child Development Center
1000 Central St Ste 100
Evanston, IL   60201-1780
Home Day Care Program
1840 Asbury Ave
Evanston, IL   60201-3504
Infant Welfare Teen Baby Nursery
2010 Dewey Ave
Evanston, IL   60201
Little Angels Day Care
1700 Mulford St
Evanston, IL   60202
McGaw YMCA Child Care Center
1420 Maple Ave
Evanston, IL   60201-4323
Midwest Montessori School
926 Noyes St
Evanston, IL   60201-2706
Parents Day Out
2123 Harrison St
Evanston, IL   60201
Reba Early Learning Center
740 Custer Ave
Evanston, IL   60202-2268
Robinson Day Care Nursery
2323 Lake St
Evanston, IL   60201
St Francis Child Care Center
355 Ridge Av
Evanston, IL   60202
The Barbereux School
3333 Culver St
Evanston, IL   60201

Montessori Schools in Evanston

Beginning in the 1900’s the idea that children were not merely small adults but young people prompted Dr. Maria Montessori to develop a teaching technique that treated students more like people. Teaching them on a level of individuality without negative competition, including the lack of a grading system that compared them to other students.

Over the years, from parental insistence in Evanston and elsewhere, a letter grade is now being given to students to show their individual performance. The Montessori system would have the report cards indicate to the parents the student’s aptitude for a specific subject and not their ability to understand the subject, which is what parents wanted. The system still does not compare one student with another student.

The student’s achievements are based on a skill set, specific activities and points on the learning path and may include an essay on the student’s achievements. Their strengths and weaknesses on any given subject are also discussed, focusing on what steps need taken to improve on the weaknesses.

Montessori schools in Evanston (Chiaravalle, Midwest Montessori School, e.g.) apply limits to individual freedom while pushing individual independence and establishing responsibility that goes with the freedom. Manners and other so-called practical skills such as domestic skills and manners are taught to the youngest children as well as eye-hand coordination and not giving up when something does not go right the first time.

The teachings point the student towards their needs for individual development, making them each responsible for their own learning. Classrooms are typically established as a center for the children and the teacher in an Evanston Montessori school does not have a separate desk. The furniture is all child-size creating an environment the child can relate to without the obvious, physical disparity between adults and children.

Most lessons in Montessori schools are demonstrated by another student or the teacher before other students work on them. Once they are shown how something should be accomplished, the responsibility of finishing it falls onto the student. Since most materials for the classroom are kept in the classroom there is usually no homework assigned to Evanston Montessori schools students. Once lessons are presented the students are encouraged to repeat them until they learn them.

While there are prescribed sequences for lessons there is no timetable in which a student must learn that lesson. Whether it takes a week or a month the students learn at their own pace. Additionally, punishment is rare as students who would break something, for example, would not get in trouble. Rather they would assume the responsibility of cleaning up the mess in order to learn from their mistake.