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Your Hana K Coat
Guaranteed: Functional Magnificence You’ll Never Want To Take It Off

If there were such a thing as a fashion orgasm you would be having it at Hana K. In fact, challenges any one who tries on a Hana K coat to walk out without experiencing sheer pleasure and rare delight. Rave we must, because you simply cannot imagine in words, or even with the help of video what it feels like to be in a Hana K coat. As owner Pierre Lang, expounds, “its like the coat was poured on you”.

For those of you who may still be thinking, “come on, a coat its just a coat” Pierre and his designer wife Hana explain that while a coat is intended to of course, keep you warm (which, by the way we’re expected to have a particularly cold winter) it serves as the quintessential fashion statement because “the last thing you put on, is the first impression you make”.

Think about it, a coat allows you to instantly to make your mark when you get out of your car, enter a room, or meet someone in a professional setting but Hana always ensures that it is never at the expense of function.

Hana designs coats to be worn. And what she shared with us is that she wants to see us – North Shore women, Moms, Dad’s who drive carpool, couples who are out for dinner and folks at the grocery store wearing her work. Truth be told, the coats are beautiful, magnificent -- but in reality they’re Sherman Tanks disguised as fashion.

The commitment to reinvent the traditional concept of a coat started for Hana by accident. In the process of heading off to Medical school she met Pierre. Soon, Hana’s designs were combined with Pierre’s fur experience to create the ultimate brand of outwear. In 1980 they opened their first showroom and factory in New York to reach the premier retailers and wholesalers. Since then, Hana K coats have become available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Nordstrom’s. In 1995, the brand expanded to the Midwest.

Hana K coats cover the gamut of styles and functions for both men and women from raincoats to leather, cashmere to alpaca, shearling to fur. You can buy from what’s available in the store or have yours customized to the tee to meet your every coat’s desire.

Please, when you go in tell Hana and Pierre that you heard it here!

Hana K in Glencoe
686 Vernon Ave
Glencoe, IL 60022

Hana K in Highland Park
479 Central
Highland Park, IL 60035

(847) 242-1211

Loren Greiff

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