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Lake City Cleaners
Phone: 847-433-4800
1740 First Street
Highland Park, IL   60035

Website: http://www.lakecitycleaners.com

Ann's Tailors & Cleaners
590 Elm Pl
Highland Park, IL   60035-3121
Anthony's Tailoring Inc
1923 Sheridan Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035
Basilios Tailors & Cleaners
784 Central Ave
Highland Park, IL   60035-3233
Custom Fit Tailor Shop
1964 Sheridan Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035
Kyong's Tailor Shop
2250 Green Bay Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035-2070
Lake City Cleaners
1740 1st St
Highland Park, IL   60035-3202
Landings Cleaners
498 Old Elm Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035
Wayne's Cleaners
575 Roger Williams Ave
Highland Park, IL   60035-4815

There are many times in your life when clothes don't really matter. You may be able to slouch around sometimes in slightly baggy clothes and wash your clothes in your own washer on a regular basis. However, there are some occasions or situations that call for a dry cleaner or alteration company. If you need to wear a certain outfit for any occasion, and you need it tailored or altered in any way, you can locate a Highland Park, Illinois dry cleaning and alteration company quite easily. Since there are many locations that offer one or both of these services, finding one that is in a convenient location that will suit your needs shouldn't be too difficult.

You may also need a Highland Park, Illinois cleaning and alteration company to alter clothing for a certain occasion. One of the most popular occasions that calls for a Highland Park, Illinois dry cleaning and alteration service is a wedding. Whether you are the bride, groom, or simply a part of the wedding party, you may find yourself in need of an alteration service to make sure the clothing fits properly. This is also true of the dry cleaning services because these types of clothing need to be dry cleaned in a certain way. You can locate dry cleaning and alteration companies in many parts of Highland Park, so you are sure to find one that not only fits your needs, but is also in the perfect location. This will allow you to not only have your clothes for prom or a wedding or any other special occasion ready in time, but it will be no hassle picking them up, either.