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Delilah Jewelry
864 Judson Ave
Highland Park, IL   60035-4727
Garfinkles Fine Jewelry
462 Central Ave
Highland Park, IL   60035
Hoffman Jewelers
209 Skokie Blvd
Highland Park, IL   60035
Just Gold
462 Central Ave
Highland Park, IL   60035-2651
Kagan Ltd
1866 Sheridan Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035
Port Clinton Jewelers Ltd
600 Central Ave Ste 125
Highland Park, IL   60035-5604
Razny Jewelers
1700 Green Bay Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035
Ross Designs
555 Vine Ave Ste 202
Highland Park, IL   60035-2000
1855 Deerfield Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035
Swiss Finetiming
Highland Park, IL   60035
The Jeweled Elephant
1795 Saint Johns Ave
Highland Park, IL   60035
Total Design Fashion Jewelry
3100 Skokie Valley Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035
Treasure Chest the
1853 2nd St
Highland Park, IL   60035-3113
Worldwide Diamonds
Highland Park, IL   60035
Yossi Jewelers
1925 Sheridan Rd
Highland Park, IL   60035-2607

Defining The Art Of Jewelry Making

The art of jewelry making is in the eye of the creator.  A gemstone given to three different jewelry makers in Highland Park, Illinois will become something totally different in the end when they are done with them.

The beauty and what makes the art of jewelry making special is in the way each artist from Highland Park, Illinois creates and builds their jewelry.

Each artist takes their own spin on a piece.  Something as simple as a color or an idea can spurn an amazing piece of wearable art.

Jewelry making is definitely an art form.  It is a creative process that evolves from an idea to a design.

The artist’s skills also play into the creation of the jewelry.  One artist in Highland Park, Illinois may be into carving while another may be into preserving the natural beauty.  In both cases the piece would turn out different simply because the artist skills were different.

Additionally, each artist working in Highland Park, Illinois may have a different concept for a piece.  One may choose a ring while another a bracelet and still another a necklace.  Just this subtle difference can really make each piece stand out.

The art of jewelry making in Highland Park, Illinois is all about the individual who is making the jewelry.

Jewelry is not just an accessory.  The thought and the detail that goes into making jewelry is something to be cherished.

The process of making jewelry is an art itself.  The process involves creating and experimenting.  It involves taking something simple and making it beautiful or magnifying its beauty in a way that makes people in Highland Park, Illinois who see it gasp.

Jewelry making is something anyone can do.  It doesn’t take complex pieces or expensive tools and supplies.  Jewelry can be made form almost anything.  

As long as a person has a creative mind and is willing to invest the time, they can create beautiful art jewelry.

A piece of jewelry is nothing more than some simple supplies artfully put together to create a masterpiece.  The only thing that it takes to create jewelry is a mind that can see beyond what lies before it.

The art of jewelry making is defined by taking things like string, metal, gemstones and plastic and being able to form it and sculpt it into something that a person from Highland Park, Illinois would be proud to wear and show off.

At its very heart, jewelry is art for the body.  So it makes sense to say making jewelry is an art form.  So those who practice the art of making jewelry in Highland Park, Illinois are artists.