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Leonardi Enterprises
51 Highwood Ave
Highwood, IL   60040
Middlebrook Realty
303 Ashland Av
Highwood, IL   60040
Milestone Realty
742 Sheridan Rd
Highwood, IL   60040-1071
MKG Property LLC
43 Maple Av
Highwood, IL   60040

Highwood, Illinois Real Estate Agents

Founded in 1868 by Chicago civic leader William Wallace Everts, Highwood, IL sits atop the Skokie Ravine, which is the highest point between Chicago and Milwaukee, and is just over 20 miles north of the Loop. It is a quiet residential community full of charming homes built from brick, masonry, and stone. Things have quieted down considerably from the days when Fort Sheridan, which lies within the village, earned part of the area the nickname of “Whiskey Junction” due to its taverns and bars and led President Theodore Roosevelt to call the place “the toughest town in America.” Today, Highwood is a fine place to live and raise a family, according to Highwood real estate agents. The village has gone through times of peace and turbulence but has sustained itself and is looking forward to incorporating its past and present into its future plans.

Census figures from the year 2000 show 4,143 residents, in Highwood. It is a fairly young community in terms of its populations’ age, with the median being 33.7 years old. The average household income in 2005 was $44,100 and the average value of house and condo properties that same year was $314,200. Seven percent of Highwood’s population lives below the poverty line. The ethnic makeup of Highwood is largely White (56.6%) and Hispanic (38.2%), but people of many different backgrounds have called Highwood their home over the years. Highwood real estate agents believe that anyone can be comfortable living in such a neighborly place.

Single-family homes in Highwood tend to be solidly built and vintage. There are some of the same types of four- to six-bedroom homes that are found in many neighboring North Shore communities, but there are not as many epic, mansion properties as in other places. The good news is the prices are lower here than in some of the other towns around, in keeping with Highwood’s blue-collar past, and that should make it much easier for Highwood real estate agents to match buyers with homes for sale. Prices run from the low-to mid-300’s up to just under $1,000,000.

There are a small amount of condo, town home, and duplex properties in Highwood and they run from full vintage rehabs to new constructions put up within the last few years. Unit numbers are low due to the smaller size of the village and Highwood real estate agents urge those shopping that, if they find a home or development that suits their needs, to move on it as soon as possible, as there are only so many homes to be had. Buyers can expect prices from the mid-300’s on up to the $900,000 for the largest units. No matter the type of home that buyers live in, Highwood provides a great quality of life with a fine library, recreation center, the Fort Sheridan Golf Club, and part of the Robert McClory Bicycle Path running through the village. There is also a thriving business community here, with everything from banks, galleries, and grocers to antique shops, tradesmen, and doctors waiting to serve resident’s needs. Highwood also features some of Illinois’ best restaurants outside of the city of Chicago.

Highwood has always been closely linked to its neighbor Highland Park, so much so that the two towns share a weekly newspaper and a school district. Highwood is its own place, however, and has achieved home rule status as of 2007, which gives the town more power to raise funds and pass ordinances, according to Highwood real estate agents. Now that the village is under its own direction, Highwood is ready to move into a new era of self-determination that will, hopefully, see the town blossom even more into the best community it can possibly be.

- Mike O'Cull