North Shore MLS Search

North Shore MLS Search


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Here's a summary of North Shore listings:

There are 293 single-family homes for sale in Highland Park, Illinois, along with 65 condos/townhomes.

Lake Forest currently lists 211 single-family homes and 32 condos. Northbrook has a little more inventory in both categories, with 247 homes and 128 condos available.

Evanston, Illinois is a shopper's playground, with 187 detached homes for sale and 500 condos.

Skokie, Illinois has a fairly balanced inventory this week, with 186 single-family homes and 225 condos for sale.

The playing-field in Wilmette is a little more open than Winnetka this week. Wilmette lists 132 single-family homes to Winnetka's 131, with Wilmette's 48 condo offerings more than doubling Winnetka's 21.

Deerfield, Illinois currently has 123 single-family homes and 38 condos for sale.

Pickings are very slim in Glenview and Highwood, Illinois this week. Highwood has only 9 single-family homes and 6 condos for sale, while Glenview has nothing at all available.

Opportunities are also fairly sparse in Northfield, with only 36 single-family homes and 16 condos listed.

Condo-seekers are out of luck in Kenilworth, which has none to offer this week, although 39 single-family homes are listed.

Glencoe and Lake Bluff are offering a slightly better array of options. Glencoe has 99 single-family homes up for sale and 4 condos, while Lake Bluff currently lists 87 single-family homes and 22 condos.