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Road Tripping With Tots

Whether it’s a few miles or a few days, toys can go a long way keeping kids happy in the car.

Whinus Childus Bordus: A common animal known to habitate in the back seats of mini vans, ranging from two to eighteen years of age, easily recognizable by permanent crease markings across the forehead and mouth region. Not one to be ignored, the Childus Bordus seeks out human interaction and comfort from long periods of inactivity with its native cry, “I’m Bored! Are We There Yet?”

If you’re a parent making plans for Spring Break, it’s fairly certain you’re bracing yourself for the inevitable appearance of that familiar creature. Here are a few suggestions, all available at Becky and Me Toys in Glenview and in Evanston, to keep the Childus Bordus at bay:

What: Alphabet Squiggle On the Go
Cost: $7.99

Keep kids from kindergarten age on up entertained with a notepad-sized game which lets kids turn letters into wild and crazy characters. Doubles as an educational toy - woo hoo! There’s also the original Squiggle On The Go, where imaginative minds have to create a drawing from a “starter squiggle” on the page.

What: I-Ballers Mini-books
Cost: $5.99

These funky little pocket-sized books come with a built-in magnifying glass, sure to entertain kids as they try to complete mazes or read - literally- mini-stories. It’ll fit in a purse or a pocket, meaning it’s a great take-a-long for the restaurant.

What: Imaginetics Boards
Cost: $5.50 and up

No more writing the license plate game on the back of my magazine! With Imaginetics, kids can create their own stories, play Cinderella or Thomas, or -- the License Plate Game -- with easy to use magnetic pieces that stay in place, even when you’re driving and your princess turns her board upside down in the back seat.

What: Chunky Funky Scarf Kit
Cost: About $15

As the knitting craze spreads to the next generation, a growing number of do-it-yourself kits are becoming available for younger and smaller hands. Alex’s “My Chunky and Funky Scarf Kit” (Ages 7 and Up) is one way for adolescent girls to while a way the time while traveling.

Happy trails, everyone!

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by Kelly