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Citgo of Lake Forest & Lake Forest Car Spa
530 N Western Ave
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1044 N Western Ave
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Lake Forest Citgo
530 N Western Ave
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Lake Forest Service
260 E Illinois Rd
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Lou's Garage
1260 S Skokie Hwy
Lake Forest, IL   60045
Rauch Performance
855 Skokie Valley Rd
Lake Forest, IL   60045

Auto Dent Repair: Magically Disappearing Dents in Lake Forest

Whether you own a Lake Forest automotive detail business or live in an area where dents in your car seem magically to appear overnight, there will come a time in your car owner life when you will need a small dent removed from your beloved vehicle.

Taking the car to a Lake Forest auto body shop is always an alternative, where the dent is popped out, sometimes filled with body materials, sanded and painted. Often a fairly expensive proposition with awesome results.

However, there are methods to remove dents from your car without the need for a professional body shop or paint. Additionally, there are companies offering the service of paintless dent removal making major inroads in the pre-owned vehicle market as well as on insurance claims. If you have ever seen a car that was exposed to a hailstorm (a somewhat infrequent occurrence in Lake Forest), the effects can be devastating.

Paintless dent repair has become a staple for auto body repair shops all over Chicagoland as well as car rental agencies and most recently dents the size of footballs are being removed without disturbing the original paint. There are been many tool and techniques in use that allow the sheet metal to be put back into its original position without the need for sanding and painting.

The advantages of auto dent repair is no need for body filler or repainting and is less expensive that regular body repair. Typically, dents can be repaired in less than a day and while the vehicle maintains its original paint, there is also no trouble in color matching the new are of the vehicle.

There are some qualifications for a vehicle to be a candidate for auto dent removal and the first is that vehicles need to be a 1990 model or newer. Provided the dent is not near the end of a panel and the paint has not been broken will make the repair easier. Additionally, the body panel from which the dent is being removed needs to be the original one on the car and has had no previous body repairs.

There are auto dent repair kits on the market being sold to the general population and will not include all the different tools available to professionals. However, reviews indicate that by being patient and following all directions they can produce similar results.

It is when the do-it-yourself repair technician becomes impatient and tries to hurry the process is when the equipment fails to perform as it is advertised.