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Conway Farms Golf Club
425 S Conway Farm Dr
Lake Forest, IL   60045-2530
Deer Path Golf Course
500 W Deerpath Rd
Lake Forest, IL   60045-1637
Lake Bluff Park Dist
Rockland Park
Lake Forest, IL   60045
Lake Forest City of the
500 W Deerpath Rd
Lake Forest, IL   60045-1637

The History Of Golf Explained

The history of the game of golf as played in Lake Forest, Illinois is more than just a few men hitting balls with sticks into small holes in the ground.  Its history is rich with debate and fueled with innovation.

The exact origin of the game of golf is highly debated.  There are some players in Lake Forest, Illinois who claim golf was first a game for the Chinese, the Dutch and the Scottish.  Which of the three is the real origin, is not quite clear.

In general, it is the Dutch who seem to prevail the most as being the originators of the game.  Although, the Scottish are very passionate about saying they originated the game.

The earliest record of golf seems to be in 1297.  A game that seems much like golf was played in Loenen, a city in the Netherlands.

To additionally back up the Dutch as the creators of the game, the word ‘golf’ is associated with the Dutch word ‘kolf’, which means stick or club.

While the origin is not exactly clear it is known today that golf is a popular game, especially in Great Britain and the United States and Lake Forest in particular.  In fact, in the 17th century, golf became a prevalent sport in Great Britain.

It is the city of Musselburgh which holds the honor of having the oldest golf course.  The course, The Old Links, has recorded play on it as early as 1672.

When golf courses first were established they did not look like the courses we have today in Lake Forest, Illinois.  They did not all have eighteen holes.  In fact, some were simply short strips of land.

The early courses actually had 22 holes that were played.  The course was a strip with 11 holes that were played and then players can back down the strip and played the eleven holes again.

The number of holes was eventually reduced to 9, which brought about today’s 18 hole courses like those in Lake Forest, Illinois.

In the United States, St. Andrews golf club, featured a 3 hole course, which was later expanded to 6 holes.  St. Andrews was established in 1888.

The first course in the United States with 18 holes was the Chicago Golf club which was established in 1893.

Technology has played a large role in the history of golf and improved the skills of players in Lake Forest, Illinois.  Technology has gone further then the course, though.

Technological advances have changed the balls from feather filled to rubber.  Clubs have gone from wood to metal.  The golf tee made the game easier and mowers have made the courses better for play in Lake Forest, Illinois and cities around the country.

There is no doubt that the history of golf has shaped the game as we know it today.  The many changes and advancements have made this game high tech and well loved by players in Lake Forest, Illinois.