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Take A Look at Invisible Braces

One of the biggest advances in orthodontic treatment for patients in Lake Forest, Illinois has been invisible braces.  Invisible braces are exactly as the name suggests – invisible.

Invisible braces do not use metal, instead they are clear plastic.  Instead of being permanently mounted on the teeth, which can lead to staining, invisible braces are more like a retainer.

Invisible braces can be removed when needed, so a patient from Lake Forest, Illinois can still floss and brush their teeth as they normally would.  They also cause far less pain than traditional metal braces and require fewer adjustments.

Invisible braces are just as effective as traditional braces, too.  So patients in Lake Forest, Illinois can get the same great results without the staining and without the pain.

Invisible braces require a patient to wear the braces, called an aligner, for 2 weeks at a time.  The aligners are removed when eating and drinking.  The aligners are replaced every two weeks to keep moving the teeth into place.

Visits to the orthodontist are greatly reduced over traditional braces.  A patient from Lake Forest, Illinois  will only need to visit their orthodontist about every six weeks.  At these visits the orthodontist will check the progress and ensure the braces are working properly.

Treatment with invisible braces usually lasts about 9 to 15 months.  The patient will go through a series of aligners, usually between 18 and 30 total.  

The aligners are made through 3D computer technology.  The orthodontist will scan an image of the patient’s mouth into their computer and the program will then plan out the treatment.  The aligners are made from this computer plan.

One of the biggest advantages to invisible braces is that they are barely noticeable.  Nobody will know a patient is wearing them.  Plus they allow a patient to eat, drink and brush normally.

Another great thing about invisible braces is that a patient from Lake Forest, Illinois who wear them can see what the results will be even before they start to wear the braces.  This is because the computer program used will give a picture of the final results.

Additional benefits include lower risk for cavities developing and faster treatment.  

Invisible braces are not for everyone in Lake Forest, Illinois, though.  They are best for patients with one major problem.  They can not be used to treat a bite problem or for children.  

Invisible braces are a great technological breakthrough in orthodontics.  They help to break away from the fear many patients living in Lake Forest, Illinois have when it comes to orthodontic care – about the pain and the damage to their physical appearance.