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If you have ever, for one time in your life, felt as though you may want to make a pilgrimage to Kraft Foods Global Headquarters, but couldn't quite bring yourself to work up the motivation to consult the oracle at Google and find out where to go, because you were afraid that someone may see you looking and wonder what had gotten into you, fret no more. It's in Northfield, Illinois. The building is on Three Lakes Drive.

That makes Northfield, Illinois the home of foods that spend so much time in your house, they are practically family members—like Sanka, Starbucks coffee, Kool-Aid Slushies, Oscar Mayer sandwich meats, Boca Burgers meat substitute, Tombstone Pizza, South Beach Diet Dinner Kits and many, many more. In fact, you could just say that Northfield, Illinois feeds America. It would make a catchy little slogan.

Northfield, Illinois is located in Cook County, not quite 20 miles north of Chicago. It's a great place to get away from it all, enjoy some quiet and still find fun things to do with your family or significant other, or even just by yourself. You can even go shoe shopping. Lori's Shoes, located at 311 Happ Road, currently has several pages of sandals and slides for sale in several styles—Dolce Vita Athena in several colors, including lemon. Not yellow, but lemon. And that's just one type of shoe you can find in this great Northfield, Illinois shoe boutique. There are also clogs and mules, evening shoes, bridal shoes, pumps and more. These are designer shoes from around the world. Choose your color and your style—or choose several. You know how shoes are—no one can buy just one pair. You can find it all in Northfield, Illinois.

Sports enthusiasts can also find shopping opportunities in Northfield, Illinois at TL Fritts Sporting goods, located at 1745 Orchard Lane in Northfield and Lacrosse Digest in nearby Winnetka, at 560 Chestnut Street. In addition to items for soccer, field hockey, volleyball and badminton, you can find crazy stuff like a bungee cord training tool and pencils with sports imagery, among other things at TL Fritts. It's a great place for picking up little souvenir gifts. Lacross Digest is a bit more specialized—they sell lacrosse helmets, goals, nets, training gear, goalie equipment and other accessories for both males and females.

Northfield, Illinois residents have access to some great family amusements, such as Custer's Last Stand, which is always held on the third weekend of June. Hundreds of artists and craftspeople from around the country will be on hand with collectibles, paintings, ceramics and pottery, photographs—the usual craft fair suspects. You and your family or sweetheart can make an afternoon of it going from one exhibit to another until you get ready to visit one of the dozens of international food vendors, and all right there in Northfield, Illinois.

And what would an arts festival be without music? Northfield, Illinois festival Custer's Last Stand has hosted Chicago jazz legends FlashBack Chicago, Blake and Blue and John Temmerman's Jazz Obsession Quartet, as well as Canadian folk musician David Francey. Onlookers have been delighted by shows by The Native American Dance Troupe, who put on a demonstration powwow. The great thing about this kind of festival is that you can go out without really knowing what you want to do. Just wonder around until something catches your eye. It's like actively passive entertainment.

Your children can even climb aboard a live camel for a little ride, which isn't an experience you can just have every day, especially in Northfield, Illinois. The fair is held on Custer Avenue, which is indeed named for the general himself, and started in 1972. It is the baby of Evanston Festival Theatre, Inc.

And then there is the amusement park run by the Fantasy Amusement Company, which bills itself as the No. 1 carnival in the Chicago land area. It isn't in Northfield, Illinois, but in Arlington Heights, not too far away. It has traditional rides like bumper cars and the Tilt-A-Whirl for kids and adults alike. It's a great place to take your kids and share with them your memories of amusement parks past. You can't beat it for cross-generational family bonding time.

Speaking of generations, there are all kinds of rides for your kids, like the antique-style carousel, the Catapiller, the Cuckoo House, Dragon Wagon, Fun Slide and more.

In short, Northfield, Illinois is a great place to go for a little escape, without removing yourself from civilization and fun. Your family will love it.

Northfield, Illinois - Community Info

Contact Info:
Village Of Northfield
361 Happ Road, Northfield, Illinois 60093
Phone: (847) 446-9200
Fax: (847) 446-4670

Farmer's Market, held every Saturday.
End date: October 14, 2006.
Times: 7:30am - 12 noon
Location: Across from New Trier West on Happ Road