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Jeffrey T. Levin
JT Levin and Associates, Inc
Phone: 847-780-4850
Fax: 847-282-1675
1910 First Street, Suite 302
Highland Park, IL   60035

Website: http://www.jtlevin.com

Alexander Baxter & Bear Inc
310 Happ Rd Ste 216
Northfield, IL   60093-3457
Ciokajlo Hein & Associates Inc
495 Central Ave
Northfield, IL   60093-3044
Cirals Ted M CPA
Northfield, IL   60093
Corren William R CPA
181 Waukegan Rd
Northfield, IL   60093-2755
Ferrentino & Kroll CPA
570 W Frontage Rd
Northfield, IL   60093
Flitman Arnold CPA
550 W Frontage Rd
Northfield, IL   60093
Friman Goldberg & Co
181 Waukegan Rd
Northfield, IL   60093-2755
Garson Corp Greta Ranum
540 W Frontage Rd
Northfield, IL   60093-1250
Goldberg Perry E CPA
181 Waukegan Rd
Northfield, IL   60093-2755
Graff Ballauer & Company PC CPA
570 W Frontage Rd
Northfield, IL   60093
Heinrich Lee F CPA
778 W Frontage Rd
Northfield, IL   60093
Katch Tyson & Company
191 Waukegan Rd
Northfield, IL   60093-2756
Kent Financial Advisory Services
550 W Frontage Rd
Northfield, IL   60093

Northfield Tax Accountants: Overview

Few people give any thought to tax accountants until April 15, when they realize it is time to file Illinois state and Northfield local tax returns. And, most tax accountants disappear the day after the deadline. For three and a half months each year they are at a premium and scurrying to catch up with clients who want to wait until the last minute to provide tax information.

While the period between the last day of the year and the tax return deadline may be the busiest time for tax accountants, they tend to spend the rest of the year preparing for what is commonly called tax season. Many companies and individuals are required to file quarterly tax returns as well. Insuring these returns are filed timely and accurately can also make sure the annual returns are on time and correct.

Most times certified public accountants (CPAs) in Northfield responsible for a company's tax information can also be held liable for mistakes on returns. It is the companies that are responsible for any undercharges or penalties that may be imposed. In today's accounting climate it is not unusual to see two accountants working on the books. One will perform the actual accounting procedures and come up with the right numbers while a second Northfield accountant will be in charge of verifying the accuracy of the information.

This same procedure holds true with tax accountants as independent companies, conducting financial services, can find themselves sharing responsibilities of mistakes with the companies that made the mistakes. Many companies have their own tax accountants on staff with the results verified by an outside accountant. This procedure can help insure the accuracy of all tax information.

Northfield tax accountants also spend a lot of time learning and understanding new tax rules and laws that seem to appear on an annual basis. In addition to the mandatory continuing education programs set forth by the government, they have to know all the ins and outs of newly updated tax codes - both local to Northfield and the state of Illinois. They also have to be prepared to answer questions from their individual and corporate clients.

To those representing taxpayers, accuracy is necessary as they could be called to court to testify on not only the accuracy of information, about how the information was obtained and whether any opportunity existed for someone to manipulate that information. They may also be called upon to research the financial history of a company to determine if changes need to be made to previously submitted reports. In this case, Northfield lawyers would be called in.