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Brian is offering a $200 discount on your divorce mediation when you mention NorthShoreInsider.com!

Getting a divorce is often an ugly process. The time, money and mental efforts spent are often exhausting, and in the end, agreements made are only as good as the integrity of the uncoupled couple. The truism that there’s got to be a better way is one of the reasons why C.E.L & Associates stands out as a divorce alternative.

Brian James is a mediator and owner of C.E.L & Associates. His role is to behave objectively while couples are in their heights of conflict. Through mediation Brian helps couples not only work through their immediate problems but equally important, develop skills for the long term that more positively impact everyone involved.

Learning to better problem solve, have empathy and make well informed decisions are just some of the tools C.E.L & Associates aims to teach. A key benefit to C.E.L’s learning is that couples are more apt to stick to the agreements made in mediation. If you are confident that you and your soon to be ex partner can work together despite your differences mediation can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and countless hours of lost sleep.

C.E.L & Associates offers a full range of mediation services including divorce mediation, pre-decree and post-decree mediation, marital mediation, family mediation, employment and employer mediation, neighbor and neighborhood mediation, tenant and landlord mediation.

If one of your goals is to amicably get divorced you’re in the perfect place.

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