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The School of Rock - 09/24/08
Be a member of The School of Rock, Highwood Illinois

Fashion Week in Highland Park - 09/18/08
Highlights from last week's Fashion Week in Highland Park

A Thousand Clean Plates - 09/18/08
A Small Sample from The Night Of A Thousand Clean Plates at the Kohl's Children Museum

The Story Bus - 09/18/08
Watch here a children's literacy museum on wheels

Carol's Cookies Part III - 09/11/08
See Carol In The News — People Magazine, Food&Wine & of course The Tribune.

Carol's Cookies Part II - 09/11/08
5000-6000 Cookies A Day — And Here’ How.

Carol's Cookies Part I - 09/11/08
Meet Carol and Hear Her Story About How Her Cookies Were Born.

Hana K, Part 3 - 08/28/08
The Smartest Buy of The Season Coats, Raincoats & Furs At Their Finest - part 3

Hana K, Part 2 - 08/28/08
The Smartest Buy of The Season Coats, Raincoats & Furs At Their Finest - part 2

Hana K, Part 1 - 08/27/08
The Smartest Buy of The Season Coats, Raincoats & Furs At Their Finest

Amy Kite, Part 2 - 08/14/08
Don’t Feel Like Buying Right Now, Consider Renting...

Amy Kite, Part 5 - 08/14/08
How Do You Sell Your House Now? - Part 2

Amy Kite, Part 4 - 08/14/08
How Do You Sell Your House Now?

Amy Kite, Part 3 - 08/14/08
Foreclosures: Terrific Opportunity & Specific Issues Your Need To Know

Amy Kite, Part 1 - 08/14/08
Amy’s Ins and Outs On Short Sales

Debra Kruger Part 3 - 08/06/08
Debra's third tip: If You’re A Buyer, Location is Still ALWAYS the Best Value!

Debra Kruger Part 2 - 08/06/08
Debra's second tip: Make Buyers Fall Madly In Love With Your Home. Make it Look Marvelous & Price It Right

Debra Kruger Part 1 - 08/06/08
Don’t be a FSBO... Hire A Top, Knowledgeable & Dedicated Full Time Realtor

The Alley Gallery Part 2 - 07/30/08
Here is the most unique and creatively engineered ice tea dispenser you’ve ever seen.

The Alley Gallery Part 1 - 07/30/08
The Alley Gallery is the ideal source for vintage, museum, and special one of a kind art/photography posters.

Bookman’s Alley in Evanston - 07/30/08
What makes Bookman’s Alley so special is the unraveling discovery of what’s within?

Sloppy Jo's Lunchroom - 07/23/08
Are you looking to hang out with your kids especially after school or camp? This is a perfect place in Highland Park.

Kathy Halper Studio & Gallery - 07/23/08
Stop in on Friday nights between 5-8 for wine & cheese and of course a viewing of Kathy’s latest masterpieces.

Belle Fleur - 07/23/08
If you have the bug for Paris and just can’t stomach the flight or shrinking dollar get your fix here.

Vegetable Oil, As A Bio Fuel Alternative - Part 3 - 06/25/08
Interior of Bus - “The Sustainable Life on Wheels” - part 3

Vegetable Oil, As A Bio Fuel Alternative - Part 2 - 06/24/08
Interior of Bus - “The Sustainable Life on Wheels”

Vegetable Oil, As A Bio Fuel Alternative - Part 1 - 06/24/08
A bus that runs on grease… and powered by other solar energy saving and sustainable systems.

Premiere Wine Consulting - 06/05/08
Tips, tricks and picks on what to sip under the stars

Jens Jensen Park Part II - 05/22/08
Discover Jens Jensen Park in Ravinia - part 2

Jens Jensen Park Part I - 05/22/08
Discover Jens Jensen Park in Ravinia - part 1

Michael Metzger Photography Part II - 05/13/08
Michael’s 3 Tips For How To Take Better Portraits

Michael Metzger Photography Part I - 05/13/08
Portraits That Capture The Every Day, Outstanding Memories

Therapeutic Kneads - 05/09/08
Here’s the inside scoop on how to take your treatment with you…

SHE (She Has Everything) - part IV - 04/28/08
What Is The Word On Denim This Season?

SHE (She Has Everything) - part III - 04/28/08
See The Hottest Looks At SHE

SHE (She Has Everything) - part II - 04/28/08
What Makes The Ultimate Party Dress?

SHE (She Has Everything) - part I - 04/28/08
What Is SHE?

Technology for Humanity Part 4 - 02/19/08
What doors does this program open for underserved communities?

Technology for Humanity Part 3 - 02/19/08
Why is it so critical for communities to have access to technology, and what are the benefits beyond technology itself?

Technology for Humanity Part 2 - 02/19/08
What is Technology for Humanity and how can you help to get corporations to donate?

Technology for Humanity - 02/18/08
What is the "Digital Divide?" Andy Vass explains.

Coe Financial Part V - 02/12/08
Why managing one's own money may not be a good idea for some.

Coe Financial Part IV - 02/12/08
What's the proper way to manage your money?

Coe Financial Part III - 02/12/08
Dr. David Podber of Coe Financial Group explains the financial definition of risk.

Coe Financial Part II - 02/12/08
As an investor, where should you be cautious? Dr. David Podber explains.

Coe Financial - 02/12/08
Dr. David Podber of Coe Financial talks about his 3 laws of investing successfully.

C&M Wilkins Part VII - 01/24/08
Maggie shows us around her kitchen to illustrate the latest in kitchen design.

C&M Wilkins Part VI - 01/24/08
Hows does C&M Wilkins do what others don't - keep their projects on time and under budget?

C&M Wilkins Part V - 01/24/08
Hear about C&M Wilkins extraordinary success rate in renovation projects.

C&M Wilkins Part IV - 01/24/08
C&M Wilkins tells us how they have solved the two biggest complaints that arise from renovation projects.

C&M Wilkins Part III - 01/24/08
What is today's focus and mindset behind "renovation?"

C&M Wilkins Part II - 01/24/08
Maggie Wilkins of C&M Wilkins discusses the trends in kitchen renovation.

C&M Wilkins Part I - 01/24/08
Meet Maggie Wilkins of C&M Wilkins, home renovation.

Patty Kaplan of Starwerks Part IV - 01/18/08
Tips for a successful and stress-free tax season!

Patty Kaplan of Starwerks Part III - 01/18/08
Tips you can take advantage of NOW to get more financially organized.

Patty Kaplan of Starwerks Part II - 01/18/08
As a small to medium size business owner, can having a personal bookkeeper and business assistant help you?

Patty Kaplan of Starwerks - 01/18/08
Meet Patty Kaplan, a small business bookkeeper and assistant, of Starwerks.

SIP Kids Safety Part 4 - 01/14/08
Some obvious tips for keeping your child safe.

SIP Kids Safety Part 3 - 01/14/08
What is the Kyle David Miller Foundation? What are their child safety goals?

SIP Kids Safety Part 2 - 01/14/08
What is involved in getting your child fingerprinted?

SIP Kids Safety - 01/14/08
Why should you get your child fingerprinted?

Lil Ed & The Imperials - 01/14/08
Watch a performance by Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials!

SuperBlues Bowl - 01/08/08
Listen to Tom Crivellone play a bit of what you're likely to hear at the SuperBlues Bowl at the Alley in Highwood, IL.

SuperBlues Bowl - 01/08/08
Loren interviews Bob Axelrod of the Alley in Highwood about the upcoming SuperBlues Bowl.

SuperBlues Bowl - 01/08/08
Find out what the SuperBlues Bowl at the Alley in Highwood, Illinois is all about.

Dan Felix, The Executive's Attorney - 12/26/07
Think smart and preventively!

Dan Felix, The Executive's Attorney - 12/26/07
Where else would you need to be especially mindful? The Executive's Attorney explains.

Dan Felix, The Executive's Attorney - 12/26/07
What is the common trip wire in business dealings? Dan Felix also discusses intellectual property rights.

Dan Felix, The Executive's Attorney - 12/26/07
Why knowing what The Executive's Attorney does is especially important if you're an independent contractor.

Dan Felix, The Executive's Attorney - 12/26/07
What does Dan Felix, the Executive's Attorney, actually do?

Lululemon Athletica Part VII - 12/19/07
Check out how Lululemon get involved within the community.

Lululemon Athletica Part VI - 12/19/07
What's the difference between all the pants Lululemon offers?

Lululemon Athletica Part V - 12/19/07
Why do the Lululemon pants make your butt look so cute?

Lululemon Athletica Part IV - 12/18/07
Do men wear Lululemon? Where did the name come from?

Lululemon Athletica Part III - 12/18/07
Lululemon's Manefesto for FREE weekly yoga classes.

Lululemon Athletica Part II - 12/18/07
Get the tour of the Lululemon store in Northbrook, IL.

Lululemon Athletica - 12/18/07
Find out what's so great about Lululemon Athletica in Northbrook, IL.

Jewel Box Home - 12/07/07
How can a family of four comfortably share one bathroom?

Jewel Box Home - 12/07/07
Why lighting is key to a Jewel Box Home.

Jewel Box Home - 12/07/07
Dispelling the myth as to why a big kitchen is NOT more functional.

Jewel Box Home - 12/07/07
How do you start your own Jewel Box Home?

Jewel Box Home - 12/07/07
Loren interviews Genevieve Ferraro abut her project website,

The Solvair Dry Cleaning System - 12/05/07
Ross Beard, President and CEO of R.R. Street & Co. Inc., talks about the new Solvair Dry Cleaning System.

School of Rock - 11/30/07
Loren interviews some of the female "rock stars" from the School of Rock in Highwood, IL.

School of Rock - 11/30/07
Loren interviews more rockin' youngsters at the School of Rock in Highwood, IL.

School of Rock - 11/30/07
Loren interviews some of the students at the School of Rock in Highwood, Illinois.

Mark Ingraham Creative Part II - 11/26/07
Mark covers some tips on advertising and developing a brand image for your business.

Mark Ingraham Creative - 11/26/07
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The Big Picture Part II - 11/19/07
Patrick goes on to talk about the importance of home theater sound, control, and function.

The Big Picture Home Theater Co. - 11/19/07 interviews Patrick from The Big Picture to find out the differences in home theater equipment.

Spice Up Your Life Part VI - 11/07/07
Part VI - The end result: A beautiful vase of edible flowers!

Spice Up Your Life Part V - 11/07/07
Part V - Daikon radish tulips!

Spice Up Your Life Part IV - 11/07/07
Part IV of the vegetable carving series sponsored by Sunset Foods and Kendall College.

Spice Up Your Life Part III - 11/07/07
Part 3 of the Spice Up Your Life vegetable carving class.

Spice Up Your Life Part II - 11/06/07
Part 2 of the vegetable carving class - Spice Up Your Life.

Spice Up Your Life - 11/06/07 checks out the vegetable carving course, Spice Up Your Life, sponsored by Sunset Foods and Kendall College.

Halloween 2007 Part III - 11/01/07
Part III of this year's trick or treaters on the North Shore.

Halloween 2007 Part II - 11/01/07
More tricks and treats for these Halloween youngsters on the North Shore.

Halloween 2007 - 11/01/07
Part I of of our Halloween series - Is this kid Johnny Cash or Elvis?

Commencement Speech - 11/01/07
A commencement speech by Michael Maione at this year's Highland Park High School Graduation.

Cork & Canvas Part II - 10/31/07
Mick Ter Haar talks about Cork & Canvas's pricing and upcoming events.

Cork & Canvas - 10/31/07
Loren interviews Mick from Cork & Canvas, a new wine / art store in Highland Park.

Winnetka Modernism Show V - 10/23/07
Part 5 of our series on the Winnetka Modernism Art Show.

Winnetka Modernism Show IV - 10/23/07
Part 4 of our Winnetka Modernism Art Show Series.

Winnetka Modernism Show III - 10/23/07
Part 3 of our Winnetka Modernism Art Show Video.

Winnetka Modernism Show II - 10/23/07
Part 2 of our series on the Winnetka Illinois Modernism Art Show.

Winnetka Modernism Show - 10/23/07
Part 1 of our series on the Winnetka Illinois Modernism Art Show.

Chuck Field - Ventriloquist Part III - 10/19/07
Part 3 of ventriloquist Chuck Field's performance.

Chuck Field - Ventriloquist Part II - 10/19/07
Another clip from Chuck Field's performance in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Chuck Field - Ventriloquist - 10/19/07
A clip of Chuck Field's performance in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria.

Gale Gand - Chef & Author - 10/16/07
Gale Gand, Chef & Author of the new book "Chocolate and Vanilla," gives a minute for

Julie Ressler Watercolor - 10/16/07
Julie Ressler shows off some of her watercolor work at the Arts & Riverwoods Art Show this year.

Eva May T-Shirts - 10/16/07 inverviews Eva May, a t-shirt designer, at this year's Arts & Riverwoods Art Show Gala Event.

Adrienne Clarisse Intimate Boutique - 10/10/07
An interview with Adrienne of Adrienne Clarisse Intimate Boutique in Libertyville, IL.

The Confection Diva - 10/10/07
Loren interviews Margy Kaye about her sweet business, The Confection Diva.

Highland Park High Time Fashion Show - 10/01/07
Loren visits the Highland Park High Time Fashion Show.

Deerfield's Bakery - 09/19/07
Loren checks out some of the goodies at Deerfield's Bakery - including their new line of coffee: Deer Joe.

ETS Investigative Services - 09/14/07
Loren talks to Bruce Graham from ETS Investigative about things you should know before dating on the north shore.

Halloween Express Part II - 09/11/07
More Costumes & Halloween Fashions from Halloween Express in Northbrook, IL.

Halloween Express - 09/11/07
Loren visits Halloween Express in Northbrook, Illinois to check out this year's hottest costumes.

Nordstrom Rack - 09/07/07
Loren finds a fantastic deal on a fall jacket at Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrrm Rack - 09/07/07
Loren scours the racks at Nordstrom Rack for a great deal.

Nordstrom Rack - 09/07/07
Loren checks out some deals at Nordstrom Rack in Northbrook, IL.

Highland Park & the Environment - 08/29/07
Mayor Mike Belsky of Highland Park shares what you can do for the environment.

Highland Park & the Environment - 08/29/07
Mayor Mike Belsky shares what's being done on a local level to help the environment.

Highland Park & the Environment - 08/29/07
Mayor Belsky summarizes the director national leaders recommend that local government follow to help the environment.

Massage Therapy Center of WInnetka - 08/27/07
Find out why massage is not just pampering - but can help with sleep, weight loss, and of course, stress.

Fettner Career Consulting Part 3 - 08/24/07
Marilyn of Fettner Career Consulting in Northbrook, Illinois, explains how she puts career seekers in a "Best Fit" scenario.

Fettner Career Consulting Part 2 - 08/24/07
Marilyn Fetter describes how she uses "Success Factors" to match job seekers with a desirable career.

Fettner Career Consulting - 08/24/07
Loren interviews Marilyn Fetter, a career coach & consultant in Northbrook, Illinois.

Nail Bar - Part 3 - 08/22/07
For All the Girls... Host a Party at the Nail Bar!

The Nail Bar - Part 2 - 08/22/07
Waxing with a Wink - Find out what The Bo Derek, Pamela Anderson, and the Postage Stamp Waxes look like down there.

The Nail Bar - 08/22/07
What's so Special About the Nail Bar?

Ross Cosmetics - Back to School - 08/15/07
Ross Cosmetics in Highland Park Highlights Some Back to School Deals

The Bent Fork Bakery - 08/03/07
Loren interviews co-owner of The Bent Fork Bakery in Highwood, IL, Mike Bearwald.

Par King Mini Golf - 07/31/07
Michael checks out some of the spectacular holes at the Par King Skill Golf Course in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Apple Tree Theatre - Summer on Stage - 07/27/07
Loren interviews the director (and stars) of the Apple Tree Theatre's "Summer on Stage" production.

Ravinia BBQ - Karaoke Night - 07/26/07
An interview with Bunnie Mesirow, owner of Ravinia BBQ & Grill, about the establishment's popular Karaoke Night.

Sunset Foods Local Flavor - 07/20/07
Check out these grocery store brands started by North Shore locals that have made their way into Sunset Foods.

Maggie Moos Part II - 07/12/07
Part 2 of our Maggie Moos Ice Cream video review.

Maggie Moos - 07/12/07
Loren visits Maggie Moos, a unique ice cream store in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Erehwon - 07/09/07
Erehwon features some of the coolest and reasonably priced items for any camping trip and/or music fest.

Portraits With Personality - 07/03/07
Diana has built her success around the photo ops that naturally catch what you are and who you are vs. what you shoulda woulda coulda.

Uncle Dan's - 06/28/07
Michael visits Uncle Dan's in Highland Park, Illinois to check out some great outdoor items.

Go Fish Vintage Clothing - 06/23/07
Whether its Pucci, Calvin Klein, Sonya Rykiel or countless of other well known or less known designers this place is an incredible fashion score on every level.

Flick Pool - 06/22/07
Kelly checks out Flick Pool in Glenview, IL

Gabe's Backstage Lounge - 06/19/07
Check out Gabe's Backstage Lounge in Highwood, IL, for some food, entertainment, and drinks.

Lake City Cleaners Part III - 06/12/07
Lake City Cleaners remains the ONLY dry cleaners in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa to have earned the highest distinction and accreditation of America’s Best Cleaners.

Lake City Cleaners Part II - 06/12/07
To demonstrate their unwavering commitment Janice and Victor invest in what they call the “Lexus of Equipment”.

Lake City Cleaners - 06/12/07
Meet Janice and Victor Seyedin, the owners of this 80 year old dry cleaning establishment.

Tapas Barcelona Part III - 06/08/07
Part 3 of our Tapas Barcelona Video

Tapas Barcelona Part II - 06/08/07
Part 2 of our Tapas Barcelona Video

Tapas Barcelona - 06/08/07
Loren checks out Tapas Barcelona, a Spanish restaurant in Evanston, Illinois

Beat Street Part III - 06/05/07
Beat Street puts together outstanding birthday goodie bags and of course can supply you with the most original and amazing fixings for THE BEST Camp care packages too

Beat Street Part II - 06/05/07
Julie, owner and operator of Beat Street, gives Loren a full tour of the store

Beat Street - 06/05/07
Beat Street is seriously jammed packed with creativity and endless discoveries

Gladstone Bakery North - 06/04/07
Kelly interviews the owner of the new Gladstone Bakery North in Glenview, Illinos

The Custom Framer Part III - 05/24/07
With the latest technology Charlie helps customers better envision their finished project before they lock in.

The Custom Framer Part II - 05/24/07
Located across the street from Mike’s Farm Stand, The (new) Custom Framer may be considered a hidden – but not for long – treasure.

The Custom Framer - 05/24/07
Loren checks out Notice: Accessories For Living, adjacent to the Custom Framer Store

C.E.L. & Associates Part II - 05/21/07
Having a little too much personal experience with divorce I had to ask… how and who is best qualified to use mediation as an alternative to the typical lawyer vs. lawyer scenario?

C.E.L. & Associates - 05/21/07
By teaching conflict resolution, problem solving and even empathy Brian James is able to coach couples towards decisions that stick and are executed as agreed upon.

Infinity Foundation - 05/16/07
You may be surprised to find out that there’s a spiritual Mecca, here on the North Shore – so much closer than Dharamsala. The Infinity Foundation, located in Highland Park is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Romantica Tours - 05/16/07
Loren interviews Aldo of Romantica Tours in Highland Park, and gets the inside scoop on where to go in Europe this summer

Verizon Wireless - 05/07/07
Cell phone tips from Jay Kim, cell phone guru

TV Tune Out Week Part II - 05/07/07
How to solve every fashion challenge with duct tape!

TV Tune Out Week - 05/07/07
Arlynn gets the scoop on the Winnetka, IL Alliance for Early Childhood's TV Tune Out Week

Terri Olian - 05/07/07
Loren interviews Highland Park Councilwoman Terri Olian on new local activities

Tapis Rouge Restaurant - 05/07/07
Loren interviews the head chef and pastry chef from the new restaurant Tapis Rouge in Ravinia

Sunset Foods 70th Anniversary - 05/07/07 visits Sunset Foods in Highland Park for their 70th anniversary celebration

Sunset Foods Part II - 05/07/07
Check out these Snowmen... brought to you by Sunset Foods & Braeside Elementary School

Sunset Foods - 05/07/07
A walkthrough of Sunset Foods in Highland Park, Illinois

SEE Eyewear - 05/07/07
What's the latest trend in fashion eyewear? Loren talks to Carolyn Rijke for the Insider scoop

Running Right - 05/07/07
Loren interviews the owner of Running Right in Highland Park, Illinois

Ross Cosmetics - 05/07/07
An interview with Arden and Earl of Ross's in Highland Park

Readying Your Home Exterior - 05/07/07
Some tips on readying the exterior of your home for sale

Ravinia Plumbing - 05/07/07
As the leading resource in plumbing, heating and cooling and sewage, Ravinia Plumbing has been servicing the North Shore for three generations since 1928

Princeton Custom Framing - 05/07/07
With the help of modern day paint and brushes King Tut has been let out of his tomb and released from a Museum near you

Poliquin Performance Center Part II - 05/07/07
Part 2 of our North Shore Aerobics video at Poliquin

Poliquin Performance Center - 05/07/07
Everything at Poliquin is based on the newest, most innovative approaches to improving and enhancing performance

Pam Phillips - 05/07/07
Pam Phillips started teaching aerobics in the eighties when it was just a passing fancy

Orren Pickell - 05/07/07
An overview of the services offered by Orren Pickell Builders in Northfield, IL

North Shore Homes for Rent - 05/07/07
Selling a home in the current market on average takes 120-180 days, leading more homeowners to rent their home

Northshore Cookery - 05/07/07
Loren interviews Mark, manager of Northshore Cookery, as well as Flavors, in Highland Park, IL

New York Slices - 05/07/07
An interview with Adam of New York Slices in Highland Park, IL

Michaels Red Hots - 05/07/07
Michael's Red Hots, a tradition in Highland Park, Illinois

Mayor Mike Belsky Part III - 05/07/07
What are the best and most challenging aspects of being the Mayor?

Mayor Mike Belsky Part II - 05/07/07
Not Resting on His Laurels: Mike Belsky Interview Part II

Mayor Mike Belsky - 05/07/07
Find out about the Fort: Loren interviews Mike Belsky, the Mayor of Highland Park, IL

Lotus Blossom Consulting Part II - 05/07/07
In this segment, Mindy further details the kind of NATIONWIDE resources she has access to during the IVF process

Lotus Blossom Consulting - 05/07/07
When I first met Mindy Berkson, Founder and Managing Partner of Lotus Blossom Consulting, I was riveted – I mean utterly fascinated

Jessica Brodsky Part II - 05/07/07
Jessica Brodsky of File It Under Complete takes the confusion out of which containers, contraptions and catch-all's work best and for what

Jessica Brodsky - 05/07/07
Loren interviews Jessica Brodsky, Professional Organizer, to bring you tips on getting organized for the tax season

Jason Seiden - 05/07/07
Loren interviews Executive Team Coach and Author Jason Seiden about his new book, "How to Self Destruct"

Hotel Orrington - 05/07/07
Randy of the Hotel Orrington in Evanston, IL gives Loren the executive tour

Honeycomb - 05/07/07
Loren looks through the wares at Honeycomb in Glencoe, IL

Highland Park Library - 05/07/07
Loren checks out the Highland Park Library

Hannah Banana Bread Part II - 05/07/07
The owners of Hannah Banana Bread talk about their products and how they got started

Hannah Banana Bread - 05/07/07
Loren interviews the owners/operators of Hannah Banana Bread Co.

Guy Viti Insurance Part II - 05/07/07
Part II of our Guy Viti Insurance video

Guy Viti Insurance - 05/07/07
An interview with Gabriel Viti of the Guy Viti Insurance Co.

Green Bay Trail - 05/07/07
Loren walks down the famous Green Bay Trail, Highland Park section

Gordon Salon & Spas Part IV - 05/07/07
Tony talks about tipping your stylist

Gordon Salon & Spas Part III - 05/07/07
Should you tip the salon owner?

Gordon Salon & Spas Part II - 05/07/07
Tony Gordon tackles the question: What do you do when you hate your haircut?

Gordon Salon & Spas - 05/07/07
Loren interviews the owner of Gordon Salon & Spas, Tony Gordon

Gloria Gaschler - 05/07/07
An interview with Gloria Gaschler of Coldwell Banker in Winnetka, IL

Foodstuffs - 05/07/07
An overview of Foodstuffs, a unique grocery store with several North Shore locations

FISH Window Cleaning - 05/07/07
FISH guarantees to swim upstream to keep their customers happy

NSI Fashion Report - SEE Eyewear - 05/07/07
Any fashionista worth her sequined soul knows that sunglasses and even glasses are the easiest and most immediate way to achieve instant fashion

NSI Fashion Report - Lori’s Shoes - 05/07/07
If for any odd reasons you haven’t hit Lori’s Shoes in Northfield, Illinois put it at the top of your to-do list

NSI Fashion Report - Gordon Salons - 05/07/07
Gordon Salons offer the latest looks in hair and makeup. Being Aveda concept salons, Tony Gordon spares no expense delivering top-notch full-service beauty experiences

NSI Fashion Report - Nicchia In Glencoe - 05/07/07
Together, owners Maureen Lewis and Edye Gershman represent the ideal partnership between smart discerning stylist and most honest girlfriend custom tailored just for you

E Street Denim - 05/07/07
An overview of E Street Denim in Highland Park, IL

Divorce Do's & Don'ts Part V - 05/07/07
The conclusion of our Drew Eichner Divorce Tips video series

Divorce Do's & Don'ts Part IV - 05/07/07
Drew answers from frequently asked questions about the divorce process

Divorce Do's & Don'ts Part III - 05/07/07
A re-cap of Drew's Do's & Don' why the big $$$ retainer shouldn’t freak you out!

Divorce Do's & Don'ts Part II - 05/07/07
Find out about Drew’s "red flags" when hiring your divorce attorney

Divorce Do's & Don'ts - 05/07/07
Meet Drew Eichner and find out the kind of divorce attorney you should hire

Deer Path Inn - 05/07/07
An interview with the manager of the Deer Path Hotel in Lake Forest, IL

Debra Kruger - 05/07/07
An interview with Glencoe real estate agent Debra Kruger of Coldwell Banker

Creative Hands Massage - 05/07/07
The premier massage therapist in the North Shore, Slavic of Creative Hands Massage, explains the importance of having a massage done on a regular basis

Courtyard Marriott Hotel - 05/07/07
Loren checks out the recently renovated Courtyard Marriott in Northbrook, IL

Chicago Metra - 05/07/07
An overview of the Chicago Metra along Chicago's North Shore

Charlotte Landsman Part III - 05/07/07
Charlotte's 3rd parenting tip - know the difference between punishment and consequence

Charlotte Landsman Part II - 05/07/07
Charlotte gives some parenting advice about child discipline

Charlotte Landsman - 05/07/07
An overview with Charlotte Landsman, Manager of Youth and Senior services in Highland Park

Carrie Healy - 05/07/07
An interview with Winnetka real estate broker Carrie Healy

Braeside Elementary Art Tour - 05/07/07
The Braeside Elementary Art Tour, 2007

Body Evolve - 05/07/07
A walk through of the Body Evolve Pilates studio in Highland Park, IL

Bluegrass Restaurant - 05/07/07
Loren visits the excellent Bluegrass Restaurant in Highland Park

Benefit Cosmetics - 05/07/07
Michelle, Jessica, and Sami of Benefit Cosmetics in Evanston talk about their products and services

Bearly Friends - 05/07/07
Loren interviews Bruce Benton about his bear-making business, Bearly Friends

Alberto's Cycles Part II - 05/07/07
Loren talks to Chris about the technology behind SRAM Shifters

Alberto's Cycles - 05/07/07
Loren ventures into Alberto's Cycles in Highland Park

ABL Group - 05/07/07
Holly Waxman gives us some decorating tips for the spring

2Hot Yoga&Pilates - 05/07/07
An overview of the services offered by 2Hot in Highland Park, IL