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Abrams Amoco
Skokie Bl & Lake Ave
Wilmette, IL   60091
Advanced Auto Clinic
3600 Lake Avenue
Wilmette, IL   60091-1017
All Auto
491 Skokie Blvd
Wilmette, IL   60091-3066
BP Lake And Green Bay Auto Repair Center
901 Green Bay Rd
Wilmette, IL   60091
Car Smart
332 Linden Ave
Wilmette, IL   60091-2843
Cavallari Auto
332 Linden Ave
Wilmette, IL   60091-2843
Daniel's Auto Body
517 4th St
Wilmette, IL   60091
Dick's Kenilworth Service
1255 Green Bay Rd
Wilmette, IL   60091-1643
Duxler Tire & Car Care Center
516 4th Street
Wilmette, IL   60091
Forrest's Service
1201 Green Bay Rd
Wilmette, IL   60091
J & W Auto Body
533 Green Bay Rd
Wilmette, IL   60091
Murry's Auto Repair Inc
516 4th St
Wilmette, IL   60091
Northshore Automotive
525 Greenbay Rd
Wilmette, IL   60091
Shawnee Service Center
332 Linden Ave
Wilmette, IL   60091
Skokie And Lake Auto Repair Center
840 Skokie Blvd
Wilmette, IL   60091
Wilmette Auto Body
1920 Lake Ave
Wilmette, IL   60091
Wilmette Auto Care
803 Green Bay Rd
Wilmette, IL   60091

Difficulty Of Auto Glass Repair

Whether scratches or cracks from road hazards or forces of nature, most of the time auto glass repairs are less expensive than replacement. However, not all windshields can be repaired and some should not be repaired, depending on the type of break and its location.

Before you consider contacting an auto glass repair shop in Wilmette, consider the glass in the vehicle. Most windshields are made of two layers of glass with a sheet of polyvinyl butyrate in the middle of the two layers. If something breaks this glass, the pieces are held in place by the polyvinyl butyrate sheet to prevent the broken pieces from flying around the car causing more injury to the occupants.

Many windshields, in addition to the laminating process, also have other items imbedded into the glass such as heating elements for defrosting, radio antennae and sunshade. This has made the glass more expensive to replace.

Side windows and rear windows are usually made of tempered safety glass and when they are broken the glass shatters into rounded pieces to reduce the potential for cuts, but they so not stay together like the broken front windshield.

Different techniques can be used to repair cracks in windshield, such as a chip from road debris or a stone, but the repairs cannot be affected on tempered glass. Most techniques will have a small hole drilled through the chip or crack with a clear resin injected into the hole. This effectively repairs the hole and prevents the small chip from spidering outwards to the entire windshield.

If the crack is in the line of vision of the driver, this type of repair is not recommended, as it will create a point of distraction to the driver. Many auto glass repair specialists in Wilmette will not attempt this type of repair due to the safety concerns for the driver.

Deep scratches in the glass such as those caused by broken wiper blades or road debris can also be repaired. Those who commute to work in downtown Chicago from Wilmette probably have had this type of scratch in their windshield. Typically, specialized sanders are capable of removing the scratch by sanding and then using polishing compounds and equipment so the glass can be polished to a clear finish, making the glass appear new.

Most auto glass repair can be conducted outside the shop, depending on the weather, making portable repairs more convenient for the customers. They can have their glass repaired while they are at work without the need of having to drop their car off and pick it up when done, and begging for a ride from friends of family.

Regardless of the technology and the expertise of many glass repair shops, some damaged glass cannot be effectively repaired. In these instances, the time and price needed to perform an auto glass repair will exceed the price of replacing the glass.