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Berger | Schatz
Phone: 847-405-9500
Fax: 847-405-9563
333 Waukegan Road - Suite 260
Bannockburn, IL   60015

161 N. Clark Street - Suite 2800
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Phone: 312-782-3456

Jason G. Adess
Michael J. Berger
Mary J. Clark
Andrew D. Eichner
Leon I. Finkel
P. Andre Katz
David H. Levy
Michael S. Sabath
Barry A. Schatz
Daniel R. Stefani

Website: http://www.bergerschatz.com

Atkinson Jeff
3514 Riverside Dr
Wilmette, IL   60091
Bohrer Nancy King
214 Hibbard Rd
Wilmette, IL   60091-2922
Borek Sam
3545 Lake Ave
Wilmette, IL   60091
Brent Nancy J
458 Highcrest Dr
Wilmette, IL   60091-2358
Broderick Richard
1000 Skokie Blvd No LL33
Wilmette, IL   60029
Brody Jeffrey Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury
825 Green Bay Rd Ste 124
Wilmette, IL   60091-2500
Culbertson Chuck
Wilmette, IL   60091
Dale Park Jr
1000 Skokie Blvd
Wilmette, IL   60091
Dobbs Kenneth P Law Offices
816 Elmwood Ave
Wilmette, IL   60091-1708
Drucker Alan J
Wilmette, IL   60091
Dugan John C
1000 Skokie Blvd
Wilmette, IL   60091
Feldman Stuart A
811 Westwood Ln
Wilmette, IL   60091-2162
Gilbert Howard E & Associates
1000 Skokie Blvd
Wilmette, IL   60091
Hamilton Mary Lwyr
1104 Lake Ave
Wilmette, IL   60091-1661
Hughes Patrick D
1721 Wilmette Av
Wilmette, IL   60091

There are plenty of lawyers in Wilmette, Illinois who can take care of any legal needs that people in Wilmette have. Whether it’s a divorce proceeding, civil litigation, or other legal matter there are lawyers in Wilmette that are highly trained and can provide top notch legal representation for clients. Lawyers can be expensive, but some lawyers are more expensive than others. Some civil attorneys work on a contingency basis, where the lawyer doesn’t charge the client up front but takes a percentage of whatever settlement they get for the client, usually around forty to fifty percent. When it comes to legal representation, it pays in the long run to hire the best lawyer that you can afford.

Good legal representation is not something to skimp on to save money, especially when it’s a serious matter like a divorce or civil lawsuit. It’s important to have the best quality legal representation possible when going into court. To find a reputable lawyer that you can afford, schedule a initial consultation with an attorney and use that time to talk with the lawyer about your particular situation and ask about the lawyer’s rates and how they charge. Some lawyers charge an hourly fee, plus expenses, and some work only on contingency. Most lawyers who don’t work on contingency will ask for a retainer fee once they are officially hired to represent you. A retainer is usually a portion of their usual fee that is used basically as earnest money that proves to the lawyer you will pay them. Once the retainer is received the lawyer is representing you and anything discussed between you and the lawyer is not admissible in court.