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Chicago can give you so much. It can give you the excitement of urban sounds, of loads of people and five-star restaurants. It can give you the swank, high-class and world-famous clothiers that clothe the stars and the very rich. It can give you a fairyland of opulence. But there is one thing that Chicago simply can't give you. And that is peace and quiet. But what if you need to be surrounded by what Chicago has to offer, even if you don't necessarily like living in the big city? What if you simply have to have the best of both worlds?

You move to Winnetka, Illinois.

Winnetka, Illinois is a quieter place than Chicago, but it is not some little town way outside the comforts of civilization. Oh no. Cities like Winnetka, Illinois are tailor-made for people who simply have to have the finer things in life—all of them, from a slower pace to the finest eateries in the world.

For instance, one wonderful think in Winnetka, Illinois is The Book Stall, a down-home little place that knows your name, or that will know it before you leave. It's located on 811 Elm Street. The proximity to Chicago enjoyed by Winnetka, Illinois allows it and its patrons to benefit from the national authors that come to speak in Chicago. Authors like Vanity Fair journalist Leslie Bennetts and Einstein biographer Walter Isaacson.

This is a book store that makes a point to slow things down a bit. It is a great getaway for busy Chicagoans and for people who want to sample Chicago and have a quieter time as well. Isaacson's talk, on his book “Einstein: His Life and Universe,” is scheduled for May 10, right there in the little Winnetka, Illinois bookstore. If you want, you can catch him again the very next day, as he is going to be speaking at a luncheon meeting in Chicago. There are also events with local authors several times per week at The Book Stall.

The TV drama “Sisters” was shot in Winnetka, Illinois, and the town has been at least a partial setting for several movies—“Ocean's 12,” “Sixteen Candles,” “Home Alone,” “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” “Uncle Buck” and “Ferris Bueller's Day Off.”  

Winnetka, Illinois is also the birthplace of the educational philosophy that allows young students to be taught artistic and social activities in a relaxed setting for part of the day, in the same schools that keep more rigorous requirements for the regular subjects. They are not required to master the artistic and social subjects, as they are the more academic subjects. This sort of philosophy revolutionized how Winnetka, Illinois elementary school students are taught.

If you want to shop but don't necessarily feel like trekking into Chicago for the day, there are plenty of opportunities in and around Winnetka, Illinois such as Moth-Meyer, Inc., which is actually in Winnetka, and Evergreen Plaza in nearby Evergreen Park. There is also The Glen Town Center in nearby Glenview.

For people who love the idea of Chicago, and have enjoyed visiting that grand city, but who know they wouldn't particularly enjoy living among all that hustle and bustle on a day in, day out basis, then a place like Winnetka, Illinois is perfect, because it can give you all the advantages of each world. Why should you be deprived of world-famous clothiers and clubs, five-star menus, and the best entertainment in the world?

Likewise, why should you be deprived of a slower pace when that is what you need? There is no reason to resign yourself to a 24-7 life in or out of the big city, as long as places like Winnetka, Illinois are on the map. The U.S. is a place where you can get what you want, exactly the way you want it. The only trick is, you have to know your options. You have to know where to look, and that places like Winnetka, Illinois exist. Why not come to Winnetka for a little stay and try it out? Go to The Book Stall and visit the surrounding towns. Go into Chicago and escape back to Winnetka, Illinois, just to see what it's like. You don't have to move to Chicago to have a mad love affair with it.